Back to school physicals are a great time to catch up on immunizations!

Help keep your patients and their families informed about immunizations that may be due during their next check-up or back-to-school physical.

CPP has compiled a list of valuable resources including a link to the CDC Vaccine Information Statements (VIS), resources for conversations with parents, as well as instructions for displaying the current immunization schedule on your practice website.

Many of our member practices have found these resources to be a great way to engage patients and families in their own healthcare and provide baseline knowledge before they come in the office.  Patient education makes in-office discussions more productive and also helps improve immunization rates!

What is your ‘must-have’ educational tool for vaccine-related discussions with parents?

Did you know that there is a team of people looking out for you?

Let’s introduce you to the CPP team so you know who’s here to help you!

    • Rhonda Tallman is our Administrative Assistant and she will most likely be the one who answers the phone when you call.  Everything begins and ends with Rhonda!  She knows the right person or resource to get for you based on what you need.
    •  Jeannie Lilly provides administrative support and helps to make sure all pieces of the membership application are complete and accurate.  You may hear from Jeannie if we are verifying your contact information or need a W9 from you in order to issue your rebate!
    • Charlotte Brown is our Senior Vaccine Program Manager and she will work with you to get your direct accounts with the vendors linked to the CPP contract.  Charlotte is also a wealth of information when it comes to purchasing vaccines, understanding CPP program compliance and maximizing your vaccine discounts!
    • Jennifer Koerner is our Buying Group National Administrator so if you are stopping by the CPP booth at any of our conferences, Jenny will be the one you’ll see.  She develops the valuable programs and resources that help support our members’ vaccination efforts.  Jenny is responsible for the day to day operation of the CPP Buying Group.
    • Christina Drakulich is our Assistant Executive Director and heads up educational opportunities and initiatives with our local member practices located in Central Ohio.  He is also a great facilitator of practice administrators, enabling the sharing of best practices and development of resources unique to this group.
    • Finally, I am Frank Combs.  I’m not only the author of this blog but also the Executive Director of CPP.  I have the great honor of working with you and this committed team.  Together with our Board of primary care physicians we provide leadership and guidance to offer the most value to our members that we can and make sure that while you take care of your patients, we take care of you.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work for you!

Introducing our new blog website!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the new CPP blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

We decided to start a blog because we wanted to increase the number of ways we could communicate with members of our vaccine group purchase program and link primary care providers not only to valuable information, resources and education, but also to each other.

Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about timely issues related to vaccines, challenges other primary care providers are experiencing when it comes to immunizing patients in their office, best practices to help you overcome those challenges, and additional resources that are available to through CPP and other supporting organizations.

That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to our blog.