CDC Pink Book Webinars 2020

Beginning July 1, the CDC is offering weekly one-hour videos that provide an overview of vaccination principles, general best practices, immunization strategies, and specific information about vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines that prevent them. Each video will also include recent updates from the Advisory on Immunization Practices meetings.

The intended audience is all immunization providers, and continuing education will be available for each video. Due to COVID-19, the videos will be on demand and prerecorded rather than live. No registration is required, and videos will be released on Wednesdays through October 14. Videos can be accessed here.

The 2020 release schedule is below:

July 1Principles of Vaccination
July 8General Best Practice Guidelines, Part 1
July 15General Best Practice Guidelines, Part 2, and Vaccine Safety
July 22Immunization Strategies
July 29Vaccine Storage and Handling and Vaccine Administration
August 5DTaP/Tdap
August 12Rotavirus and Hepatitis A
August 19Meningococcal Vaccine
August 26Mealses, Mumps, Rubella