Updated Vaccine Information Statements

Did you know that many Vaccine Information Statements were updated recently? This list below provides the current dates of VISs:

If your VISs are not current, these links will lead you to the current statements:

https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/index.html Is this CDCs main hub for Vaccine Information Statements. Find instructions for use, FAQs, and current statements here.

https://www.immunize.org/vis/ Provides quick links to all current VISs and access to multiple languages.

Vaccine Pins, Buttons, and Stickers

Immunization Action Coalition is offering several options to display your support for immunizations. The “Vaccines Save Lives” pin is black enamel with gold lettering and is small enough to fit on a lapel. Prices range from $20 for a single pin to $5.25 each when ordering 15 or more.

Flu Vaccine Buttons and Stickers are available for staff and patients. Order buttons for staff to show that flu vaccine is available in your clinic. Buttons are sold in bags of 10 and range from $20 for one bag to $55 for 10 bags. Purchase stickers for patients to wear after receiving their flu shot. Stickers are sold in bundles of 100 and range from $23 for one bundle to $67 for 10 bundles. All prices include shipping.

Visit https://www.immunize.org/shop/ for these and other immunization related products.

Creating a Culture of Immunization: Resources for Your Practice

All staff in a pediatric practice, including non-clinical staff, play an important role in supporting parents in their immunization decisions. Creating a culture of immunization in your office helps promote complete and timely immunizations. To that end, the CDC and Sanofi Pasteur have produced helpful resources to aid in building a pro-vaccination culture.

The CDC has created presentation available for download called “10 Ways to Create a Culture of Immunization Within Our Pediatric Practice.” The presentation is editable and designed to be customized by each medical practice. The objectives of the presentation are to enable office staff to

  • Understand why practices need a culture of immunization
  • Cite the practice’s current immunization coverage rates
  • Describe how all office staff play a part in creating a culture of immunization
  • Describe several ways to create a culture of immunization

The presentation is easy to customize and contains notes to help guide the discussion.

Another useful resource is the handout “Developing an Immunization Culture in Your Office” by Sanofi Pasteur. This handout breaks down broad ideas concerning immunization culture into succinct, actionable bullet points. It instructs staff to

  • Educate and Motivate Your Staff to Become Vaccine Advocates
  • Capture Every Opportunity to Immunize
  • Prioritize parental education and communication
  • Put technology to work as a tracking tool

Both of these resource will assist your practice in increasing immunization rates by creating an office-wide culture of vaccination.