Family Physician, Dr. Andrew Loehr, shares best practices as it relates to the business of providing in-office immunizations.

The March/April 2015 edition of Family Practice Management highlights an article entitled Immunizations: How to Protect Patients and the Bottom Line  (  Dr. Loehr, owner of a private family medicine practice and the AAFP’s liaison to the ACIP shares his wisdom around:

  • Not paying too much for your vaccines
  • Properly coding for all of the services provided during vaccine administration
  • Making sure you are adequately reimbursed for those services

Taking advantage of manufacturer specials and prompt pay discounts along with paying with a credit card with cash back options resulted in even more cash flow to his practice!

CPP has also compiled best practices from other CPP members and leading vaccinators across the country to challenge you to identify vaccine-related waste in your practice (  You can access helpful financial tools ( that assist your practice in eliminating this waste including billing & coding webinars, vaccine coding cheat sheets and much more!

The CDC updates the vaccine price list to include new meningococcal B and HPV vaccines.

Practices should use the Private Sector Cost/Dose column as a guideline when negotiating payer contracts.  The AAP business case for administering vaccines recommends negotiating reimbursement for the cost of the vaccine that floats 17%-28% above the CDC private sector list price.  The floating rate helps ensure your reimbursement rates adjust when catalog prices are increased by the manufacturers and the additional percentage accounts for the indirect costs of ordering, storing and managing vaccines.

Make the most of your electronic medical record system.

Why does an EHR “fail” in one practice but succeed at another?
What do those successful practices know that the challenged ones do not?
And what can you do about it now, after you’ve already chosen your EHR (or had it chosen for you)?

Chip Hart from Physician’s Computer Company lends his expertise to share ways you can optimize the use of your EMR, including how it can help improve immunization rates at your practice.

Comment on this post and share with other CPP Members how your practice was able to improve overall patient care by letting your EMR system work for you.

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• tips
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